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Horsens Frikirke is an open Christian Fellowship. We are colorful and fun-loving - while standing firm in our faith in Jesus and the teachings of the Bible.

Kom and join our fellowship. Whether you have been a Christian all your life or you just are taking small steps while investigating whether God is real, we welcome you! Our desire is to be open, relevant and welcoming to all generations and people of all nations!

Friendship, Food, Fellowship and Faith are core elements to a GOOD LIFE - and we believe church is the best place to find these things..! (Well, of course some restaurants serve better food, but you know what we mean ;-).

Come and join us Sundays at 10.30 for our worship service. Our services are translated to English via headset. Children are also welcome - we have a children's programme during the sermon.

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Sundays at 10.30 in the church on Nørretorv 27

We are a charismatic church and are part of the Apostolic Church in Denmark

We are also members of the Hillsong network - drawing inspiration from a world-wide family of churches that have experienced tremendous success in drawing people into a modern church setting, and most importantly into FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST.

In 2018 FrikirkeNet (organization of Free Churches) invited several members of the Danish parliament to visit these charismatic churches. Watch their surrised reactions here!


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.


Welcome to church

A refreshingly different fellowship

Horsens Frikirke

- en kirke for alle nationer og generationer

- a church for all nations and generations


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